Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics and Compliance Statement
Ideal Insurance Agency is committed to conducting its business in adherence to all legal requirements established by the states and territories in which it provides services and products. Ideal Insurance Agency takes pride in maintaining the highest ethical standards and industry best practices. To this end, Ideal Insurance Agency places the best interests of its clients as paramount to any other concerns involved in the placement of insurance services and products. Specifically, Ideal Insurance Agency:

Abides by its ethical obligations to deliver honest, competitive, and meaningful service and advice on the placement of any insurance products, services, or coverages, and strives to provide access to an open, fair, and competitive insurance market place;
Exercises due diligence in making full and complete disclosures of all quotes and declinations from all markets contacted for each specific line of coverage, including the date and time of contact, the name, address, phone number, and to the extent available, email address of the individual contact for each market;
Makes every good faith effort to avoid even the appearance of a conflict of interest between Ideal Insurance Agency, its clients, and/or any provider of any insurance products or services, and promptly notifies clients of any real or potential conflict; and
Takes reasonable steps to ensure that any available commission rates are provided to its clients upon request, including the identification of the appropriate contact sources from which to obtain commission rate information on the insurance policies issued

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