Business Property


Business Property

Commercial property insurance coverage is a necessity for any business owner. It covers most financial losses you may experience in the event the physical assets of your business – the building, equipment or outdoor fixtures — are damaged.

Commercial property insurance coverage safeguards a company’s buildings, contents, equipment, and other real and personal property.

This includes:

Improvements made to the property
Furniture, equipment (owned or leased) and supplies
Computers and data processing equipment
Records, valuable papers and other documents
Fences, signs, and other outdoor property not attached to a building

Typical coverage extends to losses resulting from events such as:

Lightning strike, hail, or windstorm
Riot, strike or other civil commotion
Damage caused by vehicles, vandalism and aircraft

Additional coverage, called endorsements, can fill in where basic property coverage ends. These include coverage for:

Floods, earthquakes and volcanoes
Building collapse and glass breakage
Business income
Equipment breakdown

Business property insurance coverage can be customized to meet the needs of most businesses. You should also consider insuring the business interruption loss that would accompany damage to your property.

From small businesses to large national corporations, Ideal Insurance Agency can help you meet the challenges for the future.


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