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Directors and Officers (D&O) Liability Insurance
Coverage that Provides the Confidence to Take the Risk

Taking a strategic risk can generate huge rewards for a business, but it also could be an enormous risk, especially when some investors feel that the company’s directors and officers haven’t taken the appropriate due diligence.

Even a well-concepted venture can spark claims of mismanagement when returns don’t materialize as expected.

Financial loss, a breach in securities laws, perceived mismanagement of company affairs, latent conflicts of interest, or a misstatement about future earnings among other reasons can give rise to claims that could cost an organization millions of dollars.

Defense costs for a claim—even if it has no merit—can be enormous. And no business is immune. Employment practices expose directors and officers of privately held companies to many of the same risks that their counterparts in public corporations face.

D&O liability insurance can be the best way to protect an organization against these types of claims. D&O covers corporate executives for losses that their company is prohibited from covering, reimburses a company for the D&O losses it advanced to its executives, and covers the company for its portion of liability in a securities-related loss.

It is, however, a specialized coverage with provisions that can take years to fully understand. Coverage for a claim can hinge on constructing policy language that broadens exclusions and knowing which insurers have a strong reputation for standing behind their word.

As the nation’s premier specialty retail insurance brokerage company, Alliant Insurance Services has been working in the D&O market for decades. Our brokers know which provisions differentiate A side coverage in one insurer’s policy from another’s and how to build value into your D&O policy so your company’s executives can make the strategic decisions that make a positive difference.​


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