Travel Insurance


Travel Insurance

You’ve invested time and money in planning your trip. Travel Cancellation/Interruption Insurance (TCI) reduces the worry associated with having to cancel your vacation. Travel insurance covers any prepayments and deposits you can’t recover from your travel company. Investing in travel insurance allows you, for a small percentage of the total amount of the risk, to try again another day to make that journey.

The key thing to watch for with travel insurance coverage is that compensation is payable for a “covered” medical reason or a “named peril” event. If your reason for cancellation is covered under the policy, the policy will pay. Here are some limitations:

Sickness and Accident – Policies sometimes exclude coverage for pre-existing conditions, but if you buy the policy at the time that you pay for your trip, that exclusion may be waived.
Terrorism – In general, policies do not reimburse cancellation for terrorism unless an overt terrorist attack has occurred in your specific destination within a few weeks of your planned arrival.
Natural Disasters vs. Weather – Natural disasters are generally covered, but weather often is not. Make sure you understand the “fine print” in your policy.
Work – Most policies will not compensate you if you have to cancel for a work-related reason.

You can buy a travel insurance policy that allows you to cancel for any reason. Broader coverage comes at a higher premium, but an “any reason” policy can provide flexibility when you need it. Talk to a ideal insurance agency advisor and make sure that the policy you select provides the level of coverage you need.

For more information about travel insurance and for tips on traveling safely and protecting your home while you’re away, visit our resource center.


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