Errors and Omissions


Errors and Omissions Insurance

Protection That Leaves Nothing to Chance

We live in a complicated world where even the smallest mistake or omission can have devastating consequences. Technically, you don’t even have to make an error.

Seeing a project fall short of your client’s expectations could trigger a serious dispute that can’t be resolved despite everyone’s best efforts.

The fact of life is that most any employer that provides a service is vulnerable to professional liability claims from clients that allege they have sustained a financial loss because of the advice or service they received.

These types of claims typically don’t fall under the provisions of a general liability policy, but they can be mitigated with errors and omissions insurance.

How coverage is constructed is critical, and the professionals at Alliant Insurance Services know which questions to ask and how to use that information to design the right coverage for your company or organization. They understand that an effective errors and omissions program means more than just words on a page. It can mean your reputation, so each program is targeted to your individual risk profile.

Ideal Insurance Agency has built a reputation for bringing all of its resources to solving our client’s most serious risks, no matter what they are


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