Personal Insurance

Auto and Home Insurance:

There’s nothing quite as exciting as buying a new house or car. But regardless where you live or what you drive, your personal belongings including your car and house are the most important purchases you can make to protect those big-money investments.

Let us make your search for the right auto and home insurance easier. When you shop for both policies on our site, we’ll reward you with:

  • Savings. Buying auto and home insurance together offers you money-saving discounts that can help lower your premiums and save you money.
  • Convenience. Purchasing both insurance policies from one company helps you get the protection you need now.
  • Simplicity. However you prefer to pay your premiums, dealing with just one insurer goes a long way toward eliminating hassle.
  • Expertise. With only one agent as advisor, you establish a vital relationship with a knowledgeable professional who understands your needs

Combine your purchase of home and car policies

  • Add your home. We know it’s more than just a car to you. We’re proud to be there and insure what gets you home.
  • Add your car. It’s where you find the most rest. That’s why we’re there to help you protect the place you love.

Other discounts to look for

  • Multi-Car. Built-in discounts help you save on the insurance you need as a couple. Get discounts for having two cars on one policy, being married.
  • Low Mileage. If you drive little during the year pay less with many programs.
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